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October 12, 2019

Nikola Tesla was the most brilliant man who has ever walked the face of Earth. He is the man that invented the 20th century but I will always remember him for his powerful manifestation technique. It is pure magic!

Tesla said “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we can draw knowledge, information, strength and inspiration”. We all have the ability to access a core of unlimited knowledge and broadcast our desires to a gigantic core of creative potential. We can all be guided to make the most brilliant discoveries, wisest decisions and by broadcasting your thoughts and desires to the Universe you can actually change and shape your life”. When you are tuned in with the source anything is possible-expect Miracles.

Tesla knew and understood the power of energy. He said the Universe would only be understood when we study energy.

There are several manifestation videos on how we should program our subconscious mind but Tesla Code is about our conscious mind. Our imagination is controlled by our conscious mind. Without a conscious mind there is no imagination. We have to imagine vividly and with intent. We have to focus so much energy into our thoughts that our cells are vibrating at the same frequency they would when we are experiencing the reality we desire.

Double slit experiment proves that our observation changes the outcome of an experiment dramatically. When the experiment isn’t watched or measured while it was taking place every possible outcome seemed to exist but when the experiment was measured and observed while it was happening, the electrons acted exactly like the scientist expected them to. When this change from all possible outcomes collapses into a single specific outcome it is called a quantum wave function. Reality has changed from all possible outcomes to a single outcome which has now become real.

Why does this happen when scientists are watching double slits and not happen when they aren’t? Your brain is a complex network of neurons or brain cells that talk to each other via small electric impulses that pass signals to each other across synapses. Each neuron can connect with up to 10,000 other neurons over synaptic connections. This process of neurons talking to each other is how we remember things. Each neuron is filled with microtubules that are made of peanut shaped proteins and communicate with each other the same way a computer would communicate with other computers on the same matrix.

Consciousness is what differentiates us from other species on Earth. Our conscious mind is inseparably linked to the world around us at a quantum level and the conscious mind can exert influence and even control the world around us at that quantum level. With training and concentrated effort you can use Tesla Code to change your reality. When you concentrate on something you want the Tesla Code sets in motion the events necessary for you to get it. It takes thousands, millions or billions of quantum collapses to manifest your desired outcome. Tesla’s mind created images indistinguishable from reality. His powerful visualisation technique was key to his inventions. Teslas vision of AC took 6 years to manifest and his vision to harness the power of Niagara Falls took 30 years to manifest.

If you visualise for 10 minutes your thoughts will not manifest into reality. It’s repetitive visualisation in great detail over a period of time. See the end result clearly. Create the entire process vividly in your mind. Pay careful attention to small details, the image should be so graphic that it is almost tangible. It should be so real that you can smell it, feel it, touch it. When you read Harry Potter you feel you are there, they are so vivid and real. They produce the same sensations in your body as it would if you were to experience everything live. JK Rowling’s runaway success is actually the Tesla Code.

We all know that thoughts become reality. Nikola Tesla used the vibrational mechanics of manifestation to make his thoughts a reality. Our vibrational frequency at any given moment determines what we perceive as reality in our lives. Perception is Reality not just in the metaphysical world but also the real world.

Never forget the power of your mind. Everything you see in the world started as a thought. Skyscrapers, smartphones, rockets that can travel to Mars all started from a single thought within someone’s mind. That thought eventually manifested into reality.

Nikola Tesla said Everything is Energy. That means everything is connected. We are all one. At a quantum energetic level particles are connected even when they are physically separated, over time and space – Quantum Entanglement.



October 7, 2019

Years ago in an Angel Writing class the first word I wrote was LION. My teacher asked if my Animal Spirit Guide was a Lion. I didn’t know then what Animal Spirit Guide meant and told her I was just back from working with lions in Africa and they were probably in my subconscious. She said Angels are very clear and specific about their messages. I have a deep connection with ‘Lion’ and it’s for me to find out what it is.

When I attended a Shaman ceremony in California I discovered the Lion was my Animal Spirit Guide. I was in Africa as a Volunteer at an Elephant sanctuary. A lion sanctuary nearby didn’t have enough volunteers because feeding involved hacking dead horses into pieces and flinging them into enclosures. They asked if we could help there. As much as I adored horses I knew it was a job that had to be done, lions cant be vegan. When I arrived at the lion sanctuary I felt I had come home. In my heart I longed to go lie down in their midst. The sanctuary had strict rules, we weren’t allowed to touch lions after the age of 6 months, we couldn’t enter the enclosures. These weren’t drugged lions that tourists pose with for photographs or the ones reared in petting zoos; these beasts could kill a man with one swipe of their paw.

I would sit outside their enclosures and gaze at them for hours. I have learnt so much from watching them. They are the most noble, magnificent creatures on the planet. They are feared as a predator but they are kind, loyal, generous, loving animals. Their aura whispers royalty; they truly are ‘Kings of the Jungle’.

My favourite dog was more lion than cocker spaniel. I had nicknamed him Lion Baba. We would roll on the floor and play rough exactly like two lions. The lions defining play is head butt and that was our favourite too. He behaved exactly like a lion. His yawn, the way he sat, his slow walk, swaying his head side to side like a lion on the prowl in the jungle. When he sprawled out on the sofa I could literally visualise him sitting in the jungle. Its possible that he was a lion in one of his lifetimes and maybe we were together in this particular lifetime too.

My Lion connection goes back several lifetimes. In all my Past Life Regressions I was a woman, that explains why I’m an uber feminine woman. Over two dozen PLR’s and I was a woman in each and every one of them. But in this lifetime I was a male. I was a tad surprised. I thought to myself I was imagining it; I haven’t actually regressed so let’s end the session and try again another day. Just as I was about to open my eyes and sit up my therapist tapped my third eye firmly and clicked her fingers loudly in my ears. I sank back and slipped deeper into that lifetime.

I was a young male lion in North Africa. I had a lighter, shorter mane. I was extremely protective and possessive about my family. I loved exploring, I would walk to different areas. I loved trying new foods, I would eat flowers, berries, fruits and leaves. I was extremely surprised when I saw this. I told my therapist I have worked with lions and they do not eat anything except meat. My therapist said ‘Shhhhhh, trust, stay with it” and tapped my forehead again. My logical mind was trying to analyse and take over. Back to my memory – When we reached a water body I would be the first to drink water and only after I found it safe would I allow my family to drink water.

My personality is exactly this in my current life. I’m protective of my family, I always want to be a shield for my family and friends. There is nothing I love more than exploring and traveling around the world. I love trying new foods. I will try everything, whether it’s a fried grasshopper in Thailand or Cricket Chips in Los Angeles.

When I went to the end of this lifetime I saw that I went away alone to die in a cave. In my current lifetime if I am unwell I retreat to my bedroom and don’t want anyone around me. In times of anguish, pain, hurt I always retreat alone, recharge and then I’m back!

The core essence of a lion is my core essence and I am not Leo zodiac, I don’t have Leo anywhere in my birth chart. A lion is part of a pride but actually a loner in the larger scheme of things. That is the real Me. People think its the lioness that kills and the lion only eats but male lions are also adept hunters and they hunt frequently. When I go for the kill nobody stands a chance. In many situations I ask myself what would a lion do

As soon as I finished this session I emailed Jabari, manager of the sanctuary in Africa I volunteered at. I thought I might have imagined the entire session. I found it odd that I was a male. The soul does change sexes, religion, race, species etc in order to learn, it goes effortlessly from one body to the next to evolve & in pursuit of higher consciousness. The soul never dies, it only changes its clothes-the body. Everything about this PLR session was illogical. I knew for a fact that lions only ate meat because I have fed them myself. Fruits were definitely not a part of their diet.

Jabari replied saying that lions in the wild do eat fruits and a variety of other flora in the jungle. This session brought a deep sense of knowing and in some ways closure. I have always felt one with lions, there is a magical connection with them. In the sanctuary I had to follow rules, we weren’t allowed to sit or lie down in the enclosures. There is nothing I craved more than to lie amongst them. In my head I was one of the pride. I had written a blog almost a decade ago about my deep connection with the jungle and lions ( ) My subconscious always knew, my cells knew. In my previous blog I wrote about how a soul is connected by Quantum Entanglement. Life has come full circle for me, across thousands of years and innumerable lifetimes.


October 4, 2019

Why do we keep reincarnating in the same soul groups? How do we always find our soulmate’s and soul companions-the people we are meant to live, love and work with. The image of Quantum Entanglement looks like yin and yang to me, they seem like opposite forces that are interconnected and interdependent, they are incomplete without each other.

Quantum entanglement is real. Two objects that interact become inextricably connected. If you move one the other senses it and responds. Any separation over lifetimes is only an illusion. Quantum Entanglement proves that instantaneous hidden connections occur between spatially and temporally separated particles, objects and energies.

Life, at its core, is a quantum process. Recent experiments have proved that quantum coherence, quantum entanglement and quantum computation exist in our DNA. The connection between living beings and the Universe, between Conscious minds and unconscious processes are quantum entangled.

Tiny, subatomic particles like electrons and photons get entangled with each other over lifetimes and across geographical distances. Like when you can’t take your eyes off one particular person in a crowded public space or you’re randomly browsing the web, see someone’s photograph and are instantly drawn to that person. Subatomic particles can get entangled even if they are light years apart or on opposite sides of the Universe.

Quantum is the smallest, tiniest fundamental unit of energy and matter.

In the quantum world there is Quantum Superposition where particles exist in multiple locations or states, Quantum Entanglement where particles separate but still remain mysteriously connected, Einstein called it ‘spooky action at a distance’. And Quantum Coherence where multiple particles condense to one unified state.

Warm temperature quantum vibrations in microtubules in neurons generate EEG or brain waves. When we die quanta that once generated electrochemical activity in the neocortex, somehow gets dispersed throughout space-time. And these particles are then linked by quantum entanglement. This phenomenon can preserve information indefinitely, outside of a physical body

In my past life regression sessions I keep seeing the same souls. Hindus call it Karma or reincarnation, I would say it is Quantum Entanglement. When my healthy father suddenly passed I was on a phone call. At the very moment he crossed over I felt like I had been stabbed in my heart. I was gasping for breath, coughing and clutching my chest I collapsed in a heap on the floor. Everyone thought I was having a heart attack.

What is the deep connection with my grandmother? Why are we together lifetime after lifetime?( ) she was also my first successful PLR session and one that has maximum impact on my psyche. What is the explanation for my other deep connection with a soul that follows me from one galaxy to the next? ( ) Is it just reincarnation or Quantum Entanglement?

Energy of I LOVE YOU ❤️

September 26, 2019

One of my Spiritual teachers would say ‘I Love You’ often, it would change the energy of the conversation, it flooded the room with pink light and would reset the tone of the rest of the conversation. During an intense meditation exercise several of us were doing the technique wrong despite her detailed guidance. Exasperated, she snapped at us. We were hurt, angry and upset because we were really trying but it wasn’t happening. The room was filled with dark energy, it was tense and tight. She smiled and said ‘I Love You’. Those 3 magic words flooded the room with pink energy. It was like an energy master switch. The room was suddenly glowing with luminescent pink light, we were all floating in beautiful pink light.

I noticed that every time she said something that we didn’t like she would say ‘I Love You’ and the entire situation would become pleasant and beautiful. It was like an energy reset. When we walked up to talk to her she would greet us with ‘I Love You’, not a Hello or Namaste. An unusual greeting but a magical one. It would set the tone for our interaction. A shift in energy means a shift in reality.

My friend Aakash and I were driving to lunch. I took a wrong turn and we were stuck in an terrific traffic jam. When we reached the restaurant there was no parking. By the time we found parking and got to the restaurant they were shut for lunch, so were all the other restaurants nearby. Aakash launched into a tirade of expletives. I looked him in the eyes and said ‘I Love You’ in my mind. I said it over and over again. In a minute he smiled. I realised I had been smiling as I silently said it. Its impossible to scowl and say ‘ I Love You’. Try it.

Say ‘I Love You’ several times and feel your energy change, every cell will respond. At a cellular level the energy of your vibrations will become purer and more refined. There is an iridescent light surrounding ‘I love you’. You will be filled with soft pink light. Its like you are floating in a pink bubble . You will no longer feel any negativity.

I have tried this in a group too. We were planning my Healing Cacao Ceremony, everyone had a different point of view. The room was filled with heavy, dark, stagnant energy. I realised we wouldn’t accomplish anything if the energy didn’t change. I started with the girl on my right. I started talking about her dog, whilst she was cooing about her dog I looked deep into her eyes and kept repeating silently ‘I Love You’. In a minute she was overflowing with pink light. She was so happy, she had forgotten her argument. I turned to my left, then the next one and the next. I started a conversation about something they loved and whilst they were talking I repeatedly said ‘I Love You’. In a few minutes the room looked like Wonderland. It was filled with twinkling stars and soft pink light.

If you are ever in a tight spot with someone switch the energy. You have the power to change your energy and the energy around you. Choose to surround yourself with pink light if you want to be productive and successful. Dark energy is extremely heavy and weighs you down. All the self help books on how to become successful don’t speak about this simple energy master switch. Success is an energy and it is pink in colour. Its a combination of red and white – red is action, power and white is pure, all encompassing Universe. The Law of Attraction and numerous manifestation techniques won’t work if your energy is not pink. The simplest, easiest, quickest way to make your energy and the energy surrounding you pink is to silently keep repeating ‘I Love You’.

I would love to hear about your experiences when you silently keep repeating ‘I Love You’. How did it change your life? What did this powerful phrase do for you?


September 24, 2019

You and only you are in charge of your happiness. We all put the keys to our happiness in others hands. I did it all my life. I didn’t realise that the key to my happiness is in my hands. I own it and I always owned it.

I said if my parents loved me I would be happy. I put the keys to my happiness in my parents hands. I said if I was prettier people would treat me better. I put the keys of my happiness in other peoples hands. I said I’m not happy because I’m not in a passionate relationship with a man. I put the keys to my happiness in a mans hands.

How many times have we all done this? We have all done this our entire lives. Consciously or subconsciously this is our thought process. My grandmother says if my children and grandchildren lived with me I would be happy. All my friends live with their children that’s why they are so happy. She has put the keys to her happiness in her children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

My friend tells me she’s not happy because of her in laws. She says if she lived in another city with her husband, away from her irritating in laws she would be very happy. She has put the keys to her happiness in her in laws hands.

My cousin used to say he was miserable because of his boss, he would be happy if his work was recognised and appreciated, if he got the promotion that was long over due. He put the keys to his happiness in his boss’ hands. He has changed jobs and bosses and the keys to his happiness has also changed hands but they are still not in his hands.

My friends say if they were rich and successful they would be happy. They have put the keys to their happiness in the hands of money and success. People say money cant buy happiness but it can buy you xyz that makes you happy. Are we really going to believe that the keys to our happiness lie in the hands of lifeless, soulless, inanimate objects?

The keys to our happiness is in our hands. It is not in our parents, siblings, colleagues, in laws, boss or anyone’s hands. It is not their job to make you happy. Your happiness is none of their business. And Fame, Money or Success bring unhappiness not happiness.

Are you going to spend your entire life blaming people, and thinking about all the things you don’t have or are you going to love your life, count your blessings, give thanks to the Universe for such a joyous life and be HAPPY. Being happy is a state of mind, its a choice that you make and it has nothing to do with anyone else. New age Spiritual Gurus claim they can teach you how to be happy. There are several self help blogs and books – 10 ways to be happy and such. There is no Mantra for happiness.

Happiness is a personal decision. You have to decide that you are happy, Now and Forever. Say it aloud – I AM HAPPY

I Love Death

September 18, 2019

I welcome Death, I embrace her, I celebrate her. She has taught me my best lessons. Death is not a loss. I have only gained from death, never lost anyone or anything to it. Death is a better teacher than life yet we fight her, fear her and want her to stay away.

Sheila was a dear friend, one day when I was stepping out of her house I felt a soul stepping out of the door with me. It was the most powerful and indescribable feeling. It was so clear, almost tangible. I could literally see the light exiting the door. For several days I kept going back to that moment & I was certain of it. A soul was going to leave her house. I didn’t know if I should tell her. I wasn’t sure how she would receive the information.

Finally I decided to tell her. She was devastated and heartbroken. She said she loved everyone at home dearly and couldn’t bear losing anyone. She asked me who would die and I said a Soul dosen’t have a name, face, sex, religion or anything. It is just divine, pure energy. I explained to her “It could be Sam(one of her dogs) or your maid or even a guest who comes to stay in your house”

We both forgot about this conversation. After a few months her other dog James got an acute attack of pancreatitis, he was gravely ill. She had probably forgotten about our conversation of a soul leaving her house or she didn’t believe me. She spent months with her dog in hospital. I could see that the soul wanted to leave so I gently suggested that she tell James that he could go if he wanted and she would be fine if he left. (Many souls have trouble crossing over because people are holding them back). Sheila wouldn’t hear of it. She said James would pull through. She booked several healing sessions with me. She was consumed with getting him better. Her routine had become – wake up in the morning, travel 1 hour+ to the vet, sit with him for hours whilst he got his IV and medication, travel 1 hour+ back home, cook a special diet for James and feed him, then feed the other dog Sam, walk them, eat her lunch, a short nap(with one eye open, watching James like a hawk) and then back to the vet in the evening. The traffic and 4-5 hours of daily commute were taking its toll on her health. She was bone tired. At night there was no rest. She would sleep on the floor next to James, actually barely sleep is more accurate. Sheila was petrified James would vomit in his sleep and it would aspirate into his lungs. She would stare at him all night. The moment he regurgitated in his sleep she would pick him up and make him stand so he wouldn’t choke on his vomit. She had become a shadow of her former self, gaunt with deep, dark circles under her eyes. She was clinging onto James tightly. She simply refused to let him cross the rainbow bridge. Eventually James recovered.

Why do we fear death? The soul is just changing its clothes(body). We all have a soul journey. I knew Sheila was interfering with a souls natural progression. She had taken on a debt that would have to be paid back. My mind went back to that day when I felt the ‘whoosh’ of the soul stepping out of her door with me. I went to her home several times after that day but didn’t feel or sense anything.

A few months later Sheila called & said she had a daughter. She proudly showed off her puppy. On her regular morning run she had found Ariana lying in the bushes with a grossly bloated stomach, a mauled eye & patches of skin torn off her tiny body.

In a matter of days she grew very close to Ariana, she was besotted with her. She loved her infinitely more than her other two dogs-Sam and James. There was an indescribable intensity to their love. Ariana was always sick. She needed several trips to the vet & constant medication all day. Sheila spent every waking and sleeping moment with Ariana. The two of them were inseparable. Ariana had become the daughter that Sheila always wanted.

7 weeks later Ariana was suddenly dead. She had come to repay the debt Sheila had created by not allowing a soul to leave her home. Sheila was devastated and inconsolable. It was like a dagger had pierced her heart. She was grief stricken. She wept and sobbed and wept and sobbed. She was shattered into a million pieces. She said she would never ever recover, a piece of her had died with Ariana. A soul is Pure Energy and Energy cannot die. Einstein has explained Energy beautifully. Spirituality and Science are actually the same. Quantum Physics is now validating several spiritual teachings.

I spoke to Ariana and she said she would be back in Sheila’s life, in a different body. She had come only to neutralise Sheila’s Karma. A body is like a jacket. Every time our clothes get dirty and we have no use for these clothes we change them. When we change our clothes we feel happy. When a soul decides to change its clothes(body) we must celebrate and feel happy.

When a soul of one of my loved ones is departing there are a few things that I do. I always thank the soul for coming into my life, for all the important life lessons they taught me. I then ask the soul to come back into my life & allow me the opportunity to serve them again. I ask for forgiveness if I have knowingly or unknowingly done anything to hurt them. I celebrate their life and times. I say goodbye with joy and happiness in my heart and a smile on my face. A soul will exit its body only if it’s learnt all the lessons it needed to learn and it has accomplished everything that it incarnated for. When we finish a project we leave the office happy. When a soul has finished it’s business it leaves its body. This is wonderful because it means the soul is evolving. The soul is one step closer to higher consciousness. A soul departing is a cause for celebration, not mourning. Many souls linger because we don’t let them go. Why do so many of us fear death when in fact it is beautiful, it’s the beginning not the end. Death is a date with eternity.



September 8, 2019

5 min read

Every Soul chooses a vehicle that is most suitable for its journey. Once a soul decides its journey and life purpose and the lessons it has to learn it chooses a vehicle(body) and circumstances most apt to fulfilling that life purpose. A soul arrives with all the ammunition it needs for that particular life – soul companions, soul mates, circumstances and mind & body.

Michael Phelps, the most successful & decorated Olympian of all time was born with the body and mind he needed for this purpose. Not wanting to take away from the years of hard work, single minded focus & determination & brutal training that he endured; it just wouldn’t have been possible with any other body, mind or circumstances. If this soul was born in a body like mine, in Africa where women have limited opportunities, no amount of hard work or training would have achieved a fraction of what the ‘Superfish’ achieved.

We have all evolved from fish (Apes didn’t exist 3.6 billion years ago). They say Phelps is 4% fish. Phelps’ longer than normal arm span allows him to pull an absurd amount of water. His huge palms and long arms work like powerful boat paddles. His double-jointed ankles bend 15 degrees more than most swimmers and his size 14 feet are more like flippers. His long upper body & short lower body are completely disproportionate but absolutely perfect for swimming and fulfilling his life purpose.

It has been scientifically proven that Phelps’ body produces only half the lactic acid other elite athletes produce. This substantially reduces his recovery time; meaning he can train harder & faster than other swimmers. This Superfish has a Superhuman workout six hours a day six days a week. He swims 80km a week plus training in the pool plus gym workouts. And he consumes 12,000 calories a day.

Now try visualising that same workout and diet in any other body. My body wouldn’t last one day. His willpower, his nerves of steel, grit and determination; his mind, body and soul are completely in sync, working seamlessly to fulfill his life purpose. Phelps’ soul chose the perfect car for its journey.

Everything in the Universe is an algorithm, it is all perfectly calculated. Nothing is by accident. A soul cannot accidentally choose the wrong body or a wrong life purpose. I was an accidental baby, I have lived my life thinking I was accidentally born in the wrong body to the wrong parents & I’m living a life that wasn’t supposed to be mine. I always thought it’s all one big mistake. I know now that my soul chose this body and mind for this lifetime.

My soul chose my parents. My soul chose my circumstances. My soul chose a very difficult journey of being abandoned as a baby and all the trials and tribulations that I went through as a child. I understand that there is a purpose to my difficult childhood. My soul had to learn certain lessons. Because I was alone as a baby, I started walking when I was 8 months old and wearing my shoes when I was 2. It has made me the kind of person who can survive anywhere alone. At age 7 I had a life threatening accident which left me disfigured; I spent the next year or two in hospital having corrective surgeries. Those years were a blur, I was mostly unconscious. A nurse called Mary gave me a photograph of Mother Mary & said I should pray to her for a miracle. This is the only incident I remember of those years. I was googling for an image of Mother Mary & coincidentally it’s her birthday today. But as we all know there are no coincidences.

I haven’t met anyone who could have lived my life. It’s taken me a long time to love and accept my life. I proudly own my life now. I understand that I am exactly where I need to be, with the people I am meant to be with, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Everything happens according to Divine Timing. But I still don’t understand why my soul would choose a life of suffering? The most important lessons are learnt only in strife but what lessons did my soul choose to learn in this lifetime? I have so many questions and no answers. That’s why I’m always seeking……..


September 1, 2019

6 min read

This was my second successful past life regression. The first one impacted me deeply. I think of my grandma every single day. It breaks my heart that I never got to acknowledge our deep soul connection and love through all the lifetimes. I never got to say ‘thank you’ to her or that I love her. The only consolation I have is that she is always with me. Watching over me, guiding me & protecting me. I have an angel that walks with me. Just that thought puts a spring in my step and a smile on my lips. She is on my right shoulder, she is reading this blog as I’m writing it.

I am walking down a sand dune. I am walking and walking and walking. Up and down sand dunes. It is a beautiful, sunny day. Golden brown sand & clear blue sky. Clean, crisp air. The area is around the Red Sea. This is my first birth on Planet Earth. Before this I was in another galaxy.

I look down at my feet and see hooves. I’m a tad startled but I stay with my memory. I am dark bay in colour(dark brown). I have a white star on my forehead. My mane is long, dark, thick and gorgeous, I toss it from side to side. In my current lifetime I toss my long dark hair at least a 100 times a day. An old man standing behind me at Los Angeles airport asked me why I toss my hair so much. It was probably getting into his nose. But yeah, I keep tossing it, this side and then that side and back again this side.

I am being led by a man. He has followed me from the other galaxy. There is a deep love between us, it’s not an ‘I love you’ love, it’s not something you can speak about. Words are too frivolous to describe this deep bond. This is his first birth on planet Earth too. I have asked myself several times why I would choose to be born on Earth as an animal & he as a man. We have both come from the same place. The soul always chooses a vehicle(body) most suited to fulfilling its life purpose. What was my life purpose? Why did we come to Earth, does he have a life purpose to fulfill too or did he just follow me here? What are we here to accomplish? I have many questions for my soul but no answers. That’s why I’m always seeking.

This man has dark hair and the most piercing dark green eyes. They are so deep and dark they are almost black. A soul has no sex so today he could be a man or a woman but his energy is extremely masculine so even if he is a woman he will be like Joan of Arc of Rani of Jhansi, not a sweet girl next door type. He has a thick build, not a buff body like the men whose biceps/triceps you see on Instagram pictures but a dense, muscular body.

What’s interesting to note is that he is never on my back. A horse was a mode of transportation but he always walked beside me. His right hand leading me. I was a stunning horse. I have been around horses since I was a child and I haven’t seen a better looking horse. He had movie star looks, a striking personality & eyes that bore through you. When we walked through the marketplace everyone turned and looked at us. It was like we were the ‘it couple’. He was very proud of me. It was almost as if he was showing me off to people. There was a deep bond between us. We spent every moment of this lifetime together.

Seeing myself as this horse has given me a deep sense of knowing about my current life. I adore dark bay horses with a star on their forehead. They make my heart smile. I have had horses of other colours but when I see a dark bay horse with a star there is an immediate tug at my heart strings. My eyes light up, it’s an indescribable feeling deep inside me. As they say the heart always knows but the mind dosen’t.

There was a time when I was competing, I would ride for 5 hours a day – 3 hours in the morning & 2 in the evening. After that I would spend a few hours in the stables. Those were the happiest years of my life. There were days when I had bleeding saddle sores but I was filled with bliss. I didn’t care about people or the world. When I was bone tired I would fall asleep on bales of hay. The smell of horses was so comforting for me. Their breath was like whispers in my ear. I would hug them and I would feel peace. They were my best friends, my family, my love, my world. They completed me, they made me whole. They healed me in a way nothing else could.

Intuition cannot be analysed or measured, neither can it be proven scientifically but the perfect example of intuition is a horse. Being a prey animal, intuition is in their DNA. Their survival depends on their intuition. I have always been extremely intuitive, it’s almost like I can sense people. Since I was 10 or 12 I would see a person and ‘know’. Horses are extremely observant creatures. I have always observed people keenly and thought to myself “can I trust them, will they hurt me, are they good people”. These would be a horses exact same thoughts. Body language tells you more about a person than what they say. A horse is like a large antenna. In my previous blog I wrote about how I would wave my hands in the air like an antenna, tilt my head towards the sky & move it from side to side & get messages from the Universe. A lot of my mannerisms in that lifetime and my current lifetime are extremely horse like.

Horses always want and need a strong, confident leader. In this particular lifetime I was extremely happy & content being led by this man & that’s how I think now. I always want to be led but men don’t dare hold my hand or think of leading me around because I’m fiercely independent, a bully most of the time and I have an extremely intimidating presence. Horses can sense the mood of a rider approaching them; likewise when a person is walking towards me I can tell a lot about them. I sense & feel the person. I nod my head a lot, just like all horses. I love walking, I can walk all day; another horse trait and when I was a small girl I would always go up behind my mother & gently nudge her with my nose. It’s all so very horse like.

I think of this soul often. Have I met him and not recognised him or have I not met him as yet? I know I will meet him in this lifetime, soulmate’s always meet, that is pre destined but what we do once we meet is free will. We are reborn in the same soul groups to fulfill certain life purposes. We are meant to be whole, not fragmented into pieces. We cannot achieve our full potential unless we are together with our soulmates. My grandmother did teach me my most precious life lessons. When I have to make an important decision I always ask myself what she would do.

Just after this regression I scanned & searched the eyes of every person I met – man, woman, child, senior. I searched & searched & searched. I know I will recognise those intense deep green eyes. Maybe they are a different colour now. I don’t know what sex he is or nationality or anything. Unlikely but maybe I have already met him & not recognised him. Just that thought forms a knot in the pit of my stomach. Is this going to be a repeat of my grandmothers story?

I find it hard to believe that I haven’t met a soul that had such a deep bond with me that he followed me here from another galaxy, we spent every moment of an entire lifetime together. Whether this soul is a man or a woman I know he will nurture & nourish me, lead me forward & always be very proud of me. This soul has a certain protective, possessive energy which people today don’t have. There are certain energies attached to a soul, it’s part of their cellular structure & that dosen’t change irrespective of what sex or nationality they are reborn as. He/she could be born in the liberal West but will still be possessive of the souls closest to them.

This soul will impact my life deeply, my life will never be the same again. He found me once, why hasn’t he found me now? Where is this powerhouse? Where is this soul?

Soulmate, Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide?

August 20, 2019

The first lifetime I regressed to will remain my most favourite memory. It’s made me the person I am today. It’s a lifetime that has had the maximum impact on me. It has redefined my life’s purpose & soul’s journey in this lifetime. Most people in their first regression go to the most traumatic event of the life of a soul ( like in the case of Leela as mentioned in my previous blog) or a lifetime that has had the maximum impact on the psyche of the soul.

I am standing outside an Egyptian Temple. The temple is on a beach. I’m looking out at the ocean. The ocean speaks to me. The waves give me messages from the Universe. I look at birds flying above me in the clear blue sky. They give me messages. The sand beneath my bare feet speak to me.

I looked strikingly similar to how I look in this lifetime. I have thick, long dark hair. I wear it loose. Big curls cascading around me, framing my face. Large, dark, expressive eyes and full lips. I’m wearing a long, flowing maroon colour robe or gown. In this lifetime Maroon is one of my favorite colours.

I am tall and slender. I have long hands which I wave in the air and get messages from the Universe, almost like an antenna. I have long fingers which I use to heal people. I am deeply psychic & intuitive. I tilt my head towards the blue sky, I look at the sun, moon and stars. I get messages from all of them. In my current life too I stare at the sky for hours; watching birds fly and clouds going by, watching the sun go down and the moon come up. In this lifetime too I wave my hands a lot when I talk to people. I can sense things with my fingers. I have a tall, slender body, long thin hands and fingers.

I have studied and trained under the best animal communicators in America. My communication with animals flows naturally. Once I learnt the methods & techniques animals flooded me with priceless information. I have a deep soul connection with animals.

People travel for weeks and months from far off lands to meet me. Sick people, dying people come to me. I am able to miraculously heal people with my hands. I touch dead people with my fingers & they wake up. I have read PLR sessions of people where they could grow limbs. They used gold rods to heal & regenerate body parts. In India they could transfer Prana or life from one body to another. Dr. Brian Weiss has written about patients who have performed medical & scientific procedures thousands of years ago in past lives which isn’t possible today.

Everyday people would come and ask me to give them messages from the Universe. They wanted to know about the future. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen in their life. Thousands of years later this habit hasn’t changed for people. They either worry about the future or fret about the past. We don’t truly live in the present. And before we know it life has sped past us.

All day I met people outside the temple. When I retreated inside the temple there was an old lady. She was my teacher. She was my power. She taught me everything that I knew.

In this lifetime this lady was my grandmother. I’m gutted I never recognized that she was my soul companion. Amma adored me. When I was a child she would stare at me for hours. I was always her favorite. She cooked what I liked, she did everything that pleased me. Her life revolved around me whenever I met her. Even if our conscious mind dosen’t recognize a soul connection, the heart always knows. Her arms have held me in that temple in Egypt & in other lifetimes. She has loved me, nurtured me & nourished me in other lifetimes.

I’m inconsolable when I think of all the time I spent with her & not once did I recognize that she is my soul mate. I didn’t get to acknowledge all that she has done for me through these lifetimes.

You will always get to meet your soul mates or soul companions. That is destiny. The meeting is predestined but what you do when you meet them is free will, that is your choice. Many soulmates come together again & again, life after life. If we can find and recognize our soul mates it will be the most important moment in our lifetime.

My grandmother has passed but she is on my right shoulder. She hasn’t left me. Im not sure if she’s my guardian angel or my spirit guide. She’s always with me, holding my hand in difficult times & celebrating with me in happy times. She protects me and keeps me safe. We must recognise our soul companions, soul family and soul mates if we are to achieve our full potential in a lifetime. Amma is one of my most enduring soulmate’s across several lifetimes.

My life changed dramatically after this regression. I have spent the past few years seeking and learning all that I saw myself doing. If I could do it thousands of years ago, I can do it today. My cells know, my sub conscious mind knows but I don’t know, my conscious mind dosen’t know. I now travel the world learning healing techniques and discovering ancient powers forgotten by the modern world.

I saw myself scanning the body & healing the diseased part of the body by placing my hands on the body which is reiki & I was also healing by keeping my hands above the body which is Pranic Healing. These are modern day names for ancient healing techniques that channel Divine Energy. I could also scan and heal with my mind, I would direct energy to the body parts that needed healing. My teachers tell me that I’m an excellent scanner & Healing with my mind is one of my strongest healing techniques. All the teachers that I learnt healing from are amazed at how good I am at healing. They ask me if I have done the course earlier. I tell them I have learnt and practiced all of this and I had an extremely powerful & knowledgeable teacher, just not in this lifetime.


August 15, 2019

4 min read

PLR started a new chapter in my life. It helped me understand how I am so different from my environment. I know now that this knowledge & these experiences have come to me from other lifetimes.

My friend Raja had been suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks for as long as he could remember. He tried PLR & in every lifetime that he had regressed to; he saw that he had been brutally murdered. He had lived his entire life in fear & ultimately his deepest darkest fears had come true, he was killed in horrific ways. All our memories of all our past lives are stored in our sub conscious. Everything that has ever happened to us in any body, in any lifetime is stored at a cellular level. Our cells remember, our subconscious mind knows. It’s only our conscious mind that dosen’t remember. Raja said he had come to terms with his past lives. He was safe now & nobody was going to kill him in this lifetime. He knew now why he was always anxious. He could finally relax. At the time of writing this blog I called Raja to ask if I could write about his experience. He said I must share it with the world. It’s been 5 years & he hasn’t had a single panic attack, he isn’t anxious, restless or breathless anymore. Cathartic memories help to heal traumatic imprints which are deeply imbedded in our sub conscious & they affect our current lives in ways we cannot comprehend.

Many of our fears are based in the past. What we fear the most is probably something that has happened to us in a previous lifetime. The sub conscious mind is apprehensive that it will happen again.

A common question many people have is – How do you know if you actually regressed or it was a fantasy or you just imagined it? Whatever past life you regress to it has to have a deep relevance to your present life. The people you see have to fit in your current life. We usually reincarnate in the same soul groups. The events that you see, the things you see, feel & experience will somehow connect with your current life.

PLR is a powerful healer that can transform your life. It can also scar you, damage you & destroy your psyche forever. The PLR therapist is extremely important. I have come to realize that the teacher is as important as the teachings. A bad teacher giving you powerful ancient teachings is akin to drinking Himalayan spring water from a dirty bottle. How you drink the pure Himalayan spring water is as important as the water, if not more important. Then what you do with the information/ teachings is your journey.

There are a few things you should remember before you embark on your new journey. I learnt these lessons the hard way. I didn’t have anyone to guide me. I did a lot of experimenting. Not all my experiences were pleasant but I wish for you that you only experience what will nurture & nourish you. Things that will help you evolve into your best self.

Don’t try PLR when you are too young. I had been trying to regress since I was about 20. I didn’t regress because I wasn’t ready to process the information. The first time I successfully regressed with a qualified & experienced international PLR therapist was when I was about 30. Even that is too young. My therapist expertly guided me to the very lifetime which showed me the very origin of ME. If I had regressed to the wrong lifetime & saw events that I shouldn’t be revisiting I would have been scarred for life.

A friend Leela who wants nothing more than to have a baby always tells me that she will never ever have a baby. She had done PLR & the therapist told her that in another lifetime she was running from a group of men, holding a baby. The baby started crying so she buried the baby in the forest & was hiding nearby. After the men left she dug up her baby but he had died. The therapist told her that God would punish her in all her subsequent lifetimes by not giving her a baby.

Leela keeps saying “I killed my baby so God is punishing me by not giving me a baby”. Energy follows Thought & Action follows Thought so whatever you thoughts are is what your energy vibrations will be & ultimately that manifests into physical action. If a woman dosen’t believe she will have a baby then there is no science that can give her a baby. A qualified PLR therapist would never scar a woman for life by taking her to a wrong lifetime & narrating a wrong incident to her. PLR has to heal you, it has the answers to all your questions in this lifetime. We are a sum total of all our experiences in all our past lifetimes.

Everyone is NOT a candidate for PLR. Sometimes we are just not meant to regress and access our deep memories. We are not ready to confront certain situations & heal. A good therapist can easily determine this. A psychiatrist or psychologist who has specialized in PLR can check your eyes & tell you exactly what level of hypnosis you can reach in your session. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Brian Weiss, the doyen of PLR in his books.

Another important point to remember is that a good PLR therapist does not ‘lead’ you & definitely dosen’t narrate your past life like in Leela’s case. They allow you to experience it for yourself. They take you back in time & empower you to see, feel & sense your life, your journey, your experiences & your soul companions. They don’t see it for you. Wikipedia says that PLR is a series of questions asked by a therapist to lead you back in time. This is partially incorrect. PLR is NOT an interactive Q & A.

There is a video of Dr. Brian Weiss on YouTube where you can see the process. I haven’t been able to regress by watching YouTube videos. The good therapists have a disclaimer in the beginning which say you should try it only if you have had at least one successful regression in person. Having had over a dozen successful PLR sessions in person with very good internationally renowned PLR therapists I haven’t been able to regress with these YouTube videos.

In my next few blogs I will write about my PLR sessions. They are deeply personal but they dramatically changed my life. These experiences have had a profound effect on my life & when you read about them something in you will shift. I have always believed in the power of the written word – the written word has saved lives, shared powerful ideas, awakened memories, and so much more……